Romain Talleu


Passionate about mobile, curious, autonomous and rigorous development, I am constantly looking for new skills.

In continuous monitoring thanks to this constantly evolving environment, I particularly appreciate discovering and mastering new technologies in order to apply them in my projects.

Professional experiences

> happn (iOS) / Team of 6 developers / Paris / April 2018 - Today

In Swift, ...

  • Core Data
  • Core Location
  • MVVM
  • Coordinator
  • Localization (21 languages)
  • Swizzling
  • Carthage

> hubee (iOS/MacOS/tvOS/Freebox) / Paris / September 2015 - April 2018

  • OCS (macOS)

    In Swift, création de l'app OCS pour macOS implémentation du portail Replay et Live. Player DRM et téléchargement.

  • RMC Découverte

    In Swift, Développement du portail Replay, Live et la grilleTV RMC Découverte.

  • Mon Science et Vie Junior (iOS)

    In Swift, customization d’un player natif. Abonnement in-app purchase.


> GW2Matchup (iOS) / AppStore / GW2Matchup

Guild Wars 2 World vs. World status monitor.
With this app you can:

  • See overall match scores
  • See overall match scores
  • See income breakdowns (number of camps, towers, etc) for each map
  • See the current WvW matchups
  • Can connect with your API key